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If I could wave a magic wand and give you that ONE thing, what would it be?

Are you ready to witness miracles in your life?

Are you ready to create and live a life that you love? 

Do you wish to experience joy in your everyday life?


Do you wish to connect with what makes you feel alive and purposeful?
















My intention for this course is to empower people

to create connection with themselves, others, and Source. 


You get to experience higher states of consciousness, playfulness, and being impactful.

You have the opportunity to witness how joyful and effortless it can be to bring your dream into reality, move through, and release the blocks in the way. 


Over these powerful 40 days you will see how much easier it is to shift from a negative mindset into positive and powerful ways of being.

You get support and heart opening experiences, so you can connect with what's important to you.

You get to be held accountable - lovingly!

You get to experience tools that you can replicate for the rest of your life!

Here, you are set up for success!


Please note: This course and spiritual practice is Universal, anyone from any background is welcome.
In this container we are only connecting to the highest power - source of all creation. The One that connects us all.

Obviously, I cannot guarantee miracles. However, This program is designed to give you the best chance to create results in your life quickly and open you up to the possibilities and the miracles that are in your life right now.  


My goal is to make this experience fun and easy -        where the "work" gets to feel effortless. 

Still wondering if this is the right fit for you?

Here are some questions - Do they resonate?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated? 

Are you feeling isolated or disconnected? 

Are you curious about manifesting?

Do you crave feeling joyful, alive, and spiritually aligned? 

Do you desire community and support?

Do you want to enhance your spiritual/meditation practice?

If nothing changed, what would your life be like on April 1st?

If you're not happy with that answer, or if the other questions speak to you, this is a great course for you!

Still not sure?  Let's talk - contact Sarah Jean for a free call here.

7 Week Online Course
For those who want to experience miracles
90 minute live group session
One FREE 30 minute 1:1 coaching
(Optional) Additional 1:1 coaching available at special price

Private facebook group
Each class includes laughter, meditation, & manifesting exercises

*Classes will be recorded*



Please click on register link and let me know you're interested!

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Meet your guide

Sarah Lawson

For over 10 years, Sarah has supported people to feel at ease and connected to themselves and their power. Alongside being a Laughter Yoga Leader and Life Coach, Sarah is a licensed massage therapist and certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and teacher. She has studied, and continues to study, Kabbalistic Healing and meditation techniques. 

Since the age of 16, Sarah has attended many healing containers - like retreats, workshops, and has recently graduated from an intensive leadership training. Her life experiences and soul seeking nature has led to this point to share with you - a fun and effective way to create your life.


    "I am your cheerleader and safe place to land.

Deep work doesn't have to be heavy."

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