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- The internet isn't sure

What soap is to the body,
laughter is to the soul.

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Change your chemistry and remember the laugh 

that puts all of life into a  

blissful lens

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is the cure for stress,

a universal language,

and as we all know,

the best medicine!



To put it simply:

We're bringing magic to the mundane. 

By using laughing as a tool and form of exercise we can infuse everyday things with joy. 


In class, we play games with sounds of laughter and watch how quickly it turns into real laughter. We experience the powerful healing abilities of shared laughter while getting a tremendous amount of health benefits. It's easy and FUN!


Ready to feel lighter in life? 

Next Monthly Classes


Sundays at 10:30 EST 

February 19th

March 12th

April 16th

May 14th

Image by Jane Almon
Image by saiid bel
Image by Nathan Dumlao
Image by Austin Pacheco
Image by Alexander Krivitskiy

   It is impossible to be happy except                       through silliness                                                                                          -Sichot Haran

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