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I originally ​came to Sarah because of my persistent pain. I had seen so many other healers before, and while I wasn't sure what CST was, I was open to the process and experience. I did both in person and distance sessions and I couldn't tell the difference, the depth of the work was the same. While my pain didn't necessarily decrease, Sarah helped open my eyes to my own sense of being, groundedness, and the wellspring of health that I can now tap into more easily. 

- Orah Simcha

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I use massage therapy as part of my regular self care, and Sarah has been the very best massage therapist I've had over the past several years. From applying deep tissue to craniosacral techniques, I think Sarah has a truly healing touch. I always feel relaxed and renewed after a session. She's a great listener too, whether being attentive to problem areas on my body or letting me vent about life. 

- Wali    


I first met Sarah doing laughter yoga on a Rereat and I was blown away. I saw something so special here and I decided to join many more of her classes. We even made a retreat together and saw how strangers quickly connected with each other through laughter. She transforms your day to something magical. You feel like you went on vacation when all you did was join a laughter yoga experience! Sarah is blessed to have a laugh that unites all kinds of people together. She gives you an experience of life time, you will be so lucky to have such an experience!!

- Chaya Sara  

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